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Our Story

    Our Story         My name is Charles Okang with my wife Mary. In January 2004, I traveled to Ghana for the funeral of my sister Olivia.  During the funeral, there was much talk about a baby that was abandoned by the roadside, but the issue did not touch me because […]



Our vision is to provide safe homes, nurturing and developmental programs for orphaned children. Our mission is to offer excellent childcare for infant orphans in a safe and loving environment and promote their adoption to caring, loving and responsible families. Leadership Team: Love A Lot Children’s Home is jointly led by The Happy church and […]



    WELCOME TO LOVE-A-LOT A home that fosters active learning, supports the whole child and maintains a child-centered environment. We work closely with each child to build a positive self-image, self-concept and self-esteem. We are committed to providing the children with their basic needs including basic education which will launch them into the initial path […]